A Typical AC Line Protector
The picture on the left  illustrates the quality in a well-designed surge protector - but MCG goes one step further. Nothing in our products is hidden or buried in epoxy and we are not shy about discussing how it works or how we do it.

Typical features include:

  • Diagnostics Board - Indicates percentage of protection, number of transient events and data/time of most recent event.
  • Current transformer which  detects transient and triggers counter.
  • FREE lifetime field replaceable modules, L-N, L-G & L-L protection modes.
  • 200kA, bold down modules with redundancy.
  • Plated copper bus bar conductors.
  • Low impedance, high current disconnect switch.
  • 1" compression connector.
  • Low impedance Micro-Z™ cable.
  • Rugged NEMA4 enclosure.
  • Event counter sensitivity adjustment.
  • Remote status relay contacts & audible alarm with mute.
  • Event counter sensitivity adjustment.