Automotive Electronics Protector

Model: AEP-12 and AEP-24

MCG's new Direct Current AEP-12 and AEP-24 protects sensitive automotive electronics from damaging transients that occur in a vehicle's electrical system. Designed with high performance and safety standards in mind, the AEP protector will withstand repetitive transients that occur on a daily basis, in addition to the alternator's load dump transient. The unit features both over current and thermal fusing. If there is more than one piece of critical equipment on the same circuit, multiple protectors may be employed where required.

The AEP-12 and AEP-24 is easily installed on the DC power bus in front of the electronics to be protected. As a result of its parallel connection, the power path integrity to the load is not affected. The unit can be used in any vehicle where critical and/or costly equipment exists, including OEM applications such as conversion (i.e. limousines), recreational, and municipal vehicles.