Field Notes from Dion Neri, MCG Chief Engineer

September 2015

Hi Everyone,

Today MCG Surge Protection visited a highly regarded studio in the New York metropolitan area to perform a site survey at a building that is experiencing equipment damage due to lightning and other surges. We spent most of our time on the 8th floor where the equipment that controls the tower lights is located.  Surveying this facility was exciting, as the facility is a very prominent part of the Brooklyn skyline.  

LED lights illuminate the towers at night, and they are very impressive, but they also attract lightning since they extend 90 feet into the sky. The towers consist of vintage World War II radio towers, now repurposed to depict a lit-up bridge.   

To protect the systems on the that control the lights, we recommended one modular AC protector, Model 160M, at the AC distribution panel powering the light controller, several AC power line units, PT80s, to protect the individual outgoing AC lines exiting the controller, Ethernet protectors, for the communication ports, and the DLP-37A, a modular 28 wire multi-wire data line protector, for the communication lines exiting an external repeater fed from the controller.  The facility ordered and installed the MCG units within the week.

It is great to have MCG protecting this prestigious facility. 


Dion Neri
Chief Engineer
MCG Surge Protection