Independent, 3rd party tested to NEMA LS-1 standard.

NEMA LS-1 is a rigorous standard that requires injecting A TVSS with a calibration impulse of 3,000 Amps and recording the clamp voltage. A follow-on impulse equal to the  peak surge current rating is applied ( this can vary with manufacturer. MCG chose 200,000 Amps 8/20 us).  The suppressor is subjected again to a 3,000 Amp calibration impulse and the clamp voltage may show a deviation not more than 10% from the first reading.  200,000 Amps is the maximum current capable of being generated at the test laboratory.

What this testing means for your system.

MCG protection modules have met this strenuous test at 200,000 Amps giving total assurance of protection to your costly equipment.

Common, everyday transients, as well as high magnitude surges, will  repeatedly be diverted without concern.  MCG also recognizes that extraordinary occurrences do happen, and as such offers a unique, lifetime no-charge replacement of protection modules in addition to its no-nonsense 10 year warranty.

Independent testing means you are protected!  Ask for substantiating documentation.