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MCG Surge Protection Celebrates 50 Years of Perfect Protection

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - June 2017, Deer Park New York.

This year, MCG Surge Protection celebrates its golden anniversary.  Over the past 50 years, MCG has evolved from a one-man operation in the garage of founder Michael J. Coyle’s three-bedroom ranch home on Long Island selling a small series of DC low voltage crowbars to a 14,000 square foot plant in Deer Park, NY.  The company offers the widest range of AC Power Line, Data Line, DC and Low Voltage transient voltage surge protectors available. Designed and manufactured in the Deer Park facility to the industry’s most rugged specifications, we are proud to say that our products are of the highest quality and are proudly Made in America.

A graduate of New York University, School of Engineering (BSEE), Mike Coyle’s subsequent engineering activities at Sperry Gyroscope and Hazeltine Corporation centered on high power radar and big voltage systems with specific attention to pulse modulators. He recognized the need to protect increasing sensitive electronic equipment from transient overvoltages in an era when black and white television fueled by giant vacuum tubes was the norm.  Mr. Coyle went on to earn groundbreaking patents in the surge protection industry, most notably for MCG’s Micro-Z low impedance cable and Micro-Z circuitry. Together, these technologies create a low impedance surge path through the protection device resulting in a significantly reduced voltage drop across internal SPD wiring. Today, MCG protectors are installed all over the world including at Disney, HBO, Publisher’s Clearinghouse, Yahoo, Estee Lauder, thousands of military facilities and vehicles, hospitals, waste water facilities, processing plants, airports, UPS systems, generators, Smart Homes with extensive audio/video systems – anywhere where downtime is unacceptable and only the most reliable protection (SPD) will do.

MCG Surge Protection has remained independent - we said, “No” to acquisition by international power conglomerates to concentrate on what we do solely and do best – surge protection.  MCG Surge Protection remains a family-owned and operated business with three generations of the Coyle family ensuring that the quality of the products and service remains second-to-none. Our customers know that support doesn’t end at the sale and we back our products with a 20-yr “No Nonsense” warranty. Some things haven’t changed in 50 years – call us. Five minutes on the phone can solve your surge protection problems. 


Contact Sue Baron, Sales Manager at (800) 851-1508.  ###end###