• I peak=40,000A/Phase (8x20μs waveform)
  • UL1449 4th Edition Listed
  • Front panel protection status LEDs.
  • Low profile design.
  • All modes protected.
  • Thermally protected MOVs.

The PT80 and PT40 “-BB” models offer an even lower cost protection solution to the standard PT80 and PT40 models.  The “-BB” stands for “bare bones” meaning we have eliminated some features that not all applications require, and passed on the savings to you.  The protection circuits are the exact same ones used in the standard models, comprised of high peak surge current fuses and large thermally-protected varistors.  The front panel status LEDs let you know, at a glance, the condition of the protector.  These models may be used on service panels, small generators, transfer switches, or dedicated to a single piece of critical equipment or control panel. The PT80 and PT40 “-BB” models are covered by our standard 20-year no-nonsense warranty.

20 Year No-Nonsense Warranty.

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