Surge Protection for Green Eco-Friendly Homes


Because Even the Smart Stuff Doesn’t Protect Itself

MCG’s Chief Engineer, Dion Neri, recently did a site survey at a brand new, 12,000 square foot Eco-friendly green home on Long Island’s North Shore. Yes, it’s a really nice place. By choosing to build green, the owner will decrease the home’s carbon footprint on the planet, increase value of the property and save up to 13% maintenance costs per year. 

The house is “green” because everything in it is energy efficient (LED lighting, radiant heating, etc.), and a photovoltaic (PV) array in the backyard will generate solar power back to the utility.  This sophisticated equipment requires industrial-grade surge protection to prevent damage and keep the systems running without disruption from transients and surge over voltages. We recommended protecting the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) which has two inputs and one output, the main distribution panel, and all other sub-panels with various heavy-duty AC Power Line Protectors. Branch panel surge protectors downstream will guard A/V equipment, appliances, HVAC, and two Tesla chargers.  

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 1.53.20 PM.png

In total, we recommended 10 AC protectors for this application. 

%22Green House%22 ATS, Generator MCG Surge.jpeg

Shown here: ATS will be protected by MCG (1) 300 LS on utility input, 160M on the ATS generator input and a third protector, MCG 120M on the ATS output. two inputs, one output, all need protecting.

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