Surge Protection For
Fitness centers, spas, and gyms

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Surge protection for A Fitness Gym/Spa/Chiropractic Facility in Long Island, New York 

Dion Neri, Chief Engineer, MCG Surge Protection

September 2017

The building housing the multi-purpose enterprise is over fifty-years old but the equipment is new and costly, as the owner just incorporated twenty units of very highly sophisticated treadmills into his fitness arsenal.  As fit as the users of these machines may be, the treadmills are not when it comes to resisting the harmful effects of overvoltage surges. So a proper protection (SPD) system is in order.

Two panels on the first floor service nine roof top units (RTU) and other critical loads on the first floor, such as computers installed with software that manages membership data, accounts payable and receivable and inventory for the in-house boutique. Main and branch panel AC Power Line Protectors with modular protection elements and detailed diagnostics were recommended for these critical areas, specifically MCG’s 150M-120Y-A and a 125M-120Y-A. Non-modular AC SPD units, the PT160-120Y and the PT120-120Y, are a lower-cost option.  All units are backed by a twenty-Year, “No Nonsense” warranty, so either choice ensures equipment safety and zero downtime from transients. 

In the basement, five panels power important loads connected to costly refrigeration units in the onsite café, floor receptacles that power treadmills, elliptical and rowing machines, spin bikes, infrared yoga room heating panels and multiple ceiling luminaires. For this area, we recommended two AC Power Line Protectors - the PT120-120Y Series. An additional panel powers more cardio equipment and another rooftop air conditioner, so a PT120-120Y will be employed there. The third panel is a subpanel that does not require its own protector, as the protector on the adjacent panel affords protection.  Another non-critical panel required no protection.

A PT80-120T (single phase) model is advised for in the wing that powers a sensitive spa laser and chiropractic diagnostic equipment.  

This rugged protection system will last for decades, keeping the equipment online and allowing the members to realize their fitness and beauty and health goals without interruption. In addition, if the gym grows out of their current location and relocates, the protectors can be removed and installed in a larger facility. No surge is left behind.


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