The Inside Story of MCG's 3-Stage Data Line Surge Protectors 

MCG's Open Technology: Because on-line operation is mandatory and downtime is not an option.

MCG's data line products employ a three stage heavy-duty hybrid protection circuit that is unique in the industry. This superior design blends high speed clamping with brute force diversion capability.

In hostile transient situations the protectors will clamp severe transients to safe levels without overshoot thereby ensuring superb protection to sensitive equipment.

Superior 3-Stage Data Line Surge Protection Circuit


  • Fuse (UL497A) available
  • UL-94V-O flammability (PC board and case)
  • Low profile
  • Zero Overshoot!
  • Ipeak = 10kA/line
  • 3 stage protection
  • Avalanche diodes