DC Protection

A DC Protector installed at or within equipment such as DC servo mechanisms, fire alarm monitoring systems, security system controls, etc. provides compact, heavy-duty surge suppression. Senses when an overvoltage is occurring and switches from an “open” to a virtual “short” circuit. 

Ipeak = 4kA

Direct current equipment level surge protectors are designed to protect up to 15A of continuous DC load current. The MCG-12A-MCG-130A installs at or within equipment such as DC servo mechanisms, fire alarm monitoring systems, security system controls, telecom and datacom systems, etc. to provide compact, heavy duty surge suppression.

The units clamp excess transient over voltages in less than 5 nanoseconds and automatically reset -- ready for the next transient. A green LED verifies that protection is present. The DC protector's low-profile enclosure (4.95" X 2.85" X 1.25") uses industrial-grade high-impact plastic and installs quickly via solder-less screw terminals.

Typical suppression at 50A using an 8/20 waveform ranges from 34V to 200V. Clamp voltages at 1mA peak is 18V 150V. Surge energy absorption (in joules, 10/1000us) exceeds 455j. MCOV: 125% rated voltage.

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Ipeak up to 160kA

The DCP-90 is designed to protect DC powered equipment, such as inverters and charge controllers used in photovoltaic systems,
from damage cause
d by lightning. It utilizes high energy 40kA metal oxide varistors and specialized fuses optimized to conduct transient current without opening. The unit is dual redundant and has status indicators on the front panel. Its small size makes it suitable for use in tight cabinets. Rated at 160kA, the unit protects all modes. The DCP-90 is available in various operating voltages so it can be customized to your application.

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Up to 200,000 watts

MCG’s Direct Current AEP-12 & AEP-24 protects sensitive automotive electronics from damaging transients that occur in a vehicle’s electrical system. Designed with high performance and safety standards in mind, the AEP protector will withstand repetitive transients that occur on a daily basis, in addition to the alternator’s load dump transient. The unit features both over current and thermal fusing. If there is more than one piece of critical equipment on the same circuit, multiple protectors may be employed where required.
The AEP-12/AEP-24 is easily installed on the DC power bus in front of the electronics to be protected. As a result of its parallel connection, the power path integrity to the load is not affected. The unit can be used in any vehicle where critical and/or costly equipment exists, including OEM applications such as conversion (i.e. limousines), recreational, and municipal vehicles.

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