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Surge Protection is Our Only Business
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An ISO 9001:2015 Company

MCG Surge Protection, Inc. was nominated by
Northrop Grumman (formerly TRW Systems) for
 "Small Business Vendor of the Year."

MCG is intensely dedicated to one area – the design, development, and manufacture of highly reliable surge protection devices. Products you can depend on when it counts.


Lightning and power line surges can seriously damage or disrupt operations in hospitals, financial institutions, military installations, and other mission-critical activities. The 560LS, MCG’s flagship AC Power Line Main Service Panel Protector, through its extraordinary surge current diversion capability, protects your sensitive system from damaging transients, thus eliminating "downtime" and its associated financial and lost labor costs.


AC Power Line Protectors, range from full facility protectors at the main service panel (Ip-400kA) to branch and local panel protectors to compact 15A OEM protectors.


Data Line Protectors employ a three-stage heavy-duty hybrid protection circuit that is unique in the industry. This superior design blends high speed clamping with brute force diversion capability. They are offered in all popular voltages and connectors.


MCG’s DC Protectors and Low Voltage Crowbars are manufactured to the highest standards and are widely used in military and custom applications.


Our goals are simple and straightforward:

  • Build high quality, dependable products
  • Provide excellent value for the money
  • Supply accurate information for customers to make an informed decision
  • Avoid puffing and promotion of spurious benefits
  • Stand behind our products with an extraordinary "No Nonsense" warranty (Twenty-Year; lifetime on protection modules).
  • Before and after sale support from MCG staff. People, not voice mail, solve problems.

If you are already a customer, we appreciate your ongoing support of MCG products. If not, the next time you are in the market for surge protectors, consider giving us the opportunity to show  you what a company dedicated solely to surge protection can do for you.

MCG is a woman-owned business

Christine Coyle Jelley, CEO

Christine Coyle Jelley, CEO



Michael J. Coyle founds MCG Electronics in Bay Shore, NY. A graduate of New York University, School of Engineering (BSEE), his subsequent engineering activities at Sperry Gyroscope and Hazeltine centered on high power (10 megawatt) radar systems and big voltage systems (to270kV) with specific attention to pulse modulators.

Low Voltage Crowbars, devices that sense when a DC over-voltage occurs and switches rapidly from an "open" to a virtual "short circuit", are the first products offered.


MCG Electronics, Inc. is incorporated in the State of New York.


Low Voltage AC and DC Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors are introduced. Model CCB is the first product to employ both zener and DC Crowbar over voltage protection.


Company adds circuit level DC/AC Transient Suppressors for  circuit level protection and +28V Vehicle Equipment Protection devices.


New SLP-3 TVSS, signal line protector, withstands +/-15 KV 10µs pulse.


AC Power Line Protectors roll off production floor for the first time. Models P110, P220 and P440 are among the first AC Power Line Protectors enclosed in NEMA enclosures. 120V - 440V.


Mil-Spec-LVC-1J & 1L (Low Voltage Crowbars) uses JANTX parts and hermetically sealed components.


NEW AC Power Line Protectors

SPA Series "First Generation" Medium Duty AC Power Line Protection for local panels in 120,240,480 VAC applications.

2000 Series Heavy Duty AC Power Line Protection for 120,240,480 VAC applications.

NEW Data Line Protectors

DLP-10, 20 & 30 Universal hardwired protectors introduced. 6V-200V clamp voltages. DLP-5.1, 5.2 BNC/Coaxial & Twin-axial high-speed video. 6V, 10V clamp voltage.


Data Line Protectors

DLP-40 and 40D PICA Card Cage Rack Mounted Circuit Protection with plug in mix & match cards.

Model C310 Multiple BNC assemblies for isolated signal line protection from 6V to @00V.

DLP-6.1, 6.2 Compact High Speed 5-Port BNC termination video protection.

Power Line Monitor

TM-115 AC Power Line Monitors detects transients that cause damage to sensitive equipment.


MCG builds a 14,000 sq foot engineering/manufacturing facility in Deer Park, NY. Introduces SLP-3A, SLP-4A  Signal/Data/Telephone Line Protection


Surge-Master™ Heavy Duty AC Protectors for major facilities is introduced. It is one of the earliest redundant modular approaches to surge protection. Includes front panel indication of protection and event counter. 

RM-12A monitors surge events in remote locations.

Surge Guardian™ 260- 265 6-outliet AC transient protection strips with integrated counter and relay controlled monitoring circuit.

400 Series "1st Generation" for equipment level AC protection is introduced.

500 Series Department/Office level protection in a NEMA 12 enclosure.

600 Series "Mini" Surge Master for branch and local service panel protection. Up to 2250 joules.


Model 300 AC Plug-In Protector for 117VAC limits transients and RFI to save levels.

Model P208 Plug-In combination AC 120V and Telco/Modem 200V protection. IEEE 587 CAT B Spec.


DLP 3.1 25 pin data lne protector. 1000 per month built on production line.

DLP-36 Point-of-entry line protection for 25 pair, 50 pin termination. IEEE 587 CAT B Spec.


Products are UL-1449 listed.


Models 290 and 293. Four outlet AC and Data Line Protection in an MCG custom-designed compact/injection molded enclosure.

Surge Guardian™ 296 and 298. 6-outlet AC transient protection with a "Protection Present" monitor and wiring integrity test built into unit. Units absorb up to 720 joules.

Models 415 & 417 OEM equipment level protection introduced. 120 and 250 VAC protection handling up to 650 joules. Enclosure is changed to a super compact high impact plastic.

Surge-Master-B™ Heavy Duty AC protector. 2nd Generation of the successful Surge-Master™ series with new features including audible alarm, self testing, triple redundancy, solid state circuitry and self diagnostics.

SPB & SPC introduced into AC Product Line. 8"x8" NEMA 12 enclosure up to 160,000 amps per phase protection.

SPA II. Introduced in AC Product line with 40mm brute force local panel protection.

Micro-Z Technology Introduced — Proprietary Micro-Z Approach dramatically reduces impedance to downstream equipment. The design is incorporated into new branch and main service panel AC protectors - The MZC & MZB


400 Series OEM series expanded to include 405, 407, 416 models. 5A, 7.5A, 25A rated current. 


Patent #5,303,116 - Surge Protector design that reduces the magnetic field intensities associated with the flow of current, thereby reducing self inductance. Glenn Grotz


Surge-Diverter™ Heavy Duty AC Protector. Ip=275kA. Includes features such as sine wave filtering and "Protection Present" on any phase.

SPIM Series In-Line Surge Suppression to 500A RMS with sine wave tracking.

1993 is registered. 


160 Series Light Industrail AC Protection. 515V typical suppression voltage.

SPA+ Local Service Panel protection is the lowest cost protector offering modular construction.


MCG Electronics, Inc. renamed MCG Surge Protection to better reflect our mission.

PDP Series Protected Distribution Panel provides power distribution for 100A, 225A and 400A service panels, with provisions for 18, 30 and 42 circuit breakers.


Surge-Master-II™ Major Facility AC protector. Ip=400kA. 3rd generation of the successful Surge-Master™ Series with new features such as integral disconnect, sine wave filtering, breakthrough advanced LCD display.Surge-Diverter-II™  Heavey Duty AC protector. Ip=275kA. 2nd generation includes features sun as integral disconnect, sine wave filtering, breakthrough advanced LCD display.


MZC & MZB AC Power Line TVSS introduced with Integral Disconnect.

Slim-Jim™ Surge Suppressor. Super low-profile designed for plugging directly into the busbars of OEM cabinets.


Twenty-Year Warranty commences; free protection modules for life.

New SurgeFree™ AC Power Line protectors become available. Models include 400M, 275M and 160M from 160,000 to 400,000 amps per phase.

Patent #6,211,770 - A Metal Oxide Varistor Module, and variations thereof for use in surge protectors and the like combining internally a thermally activated disconnect means and an excessive current disconnect means, such that when the module is subject to excessive over voltage or over current conditions, the connection is interrupted from the phase to neutral, phase to ground and any other combination of voltage or current before the metal oxide varistor device is physically damaged, ruptured or cracked. Michael Coyle.


SurgeFree™ XT AC Power Line Protectors introduced. Models include 800XT, 600XT, 400XT and 200XT from 200,000 to 800,000 amps per phase. All models are NEMA LS-1, UL-1449, CE Approved and ANSI 62.41 compliant.

Christine Coyle Jelley succeeds her father, Michael Coyle, as CEO.


2nd generation SurgeFree™ XT AC Power Line protectors introduced, models include 405XT, 305XT and 205XT from 200,000 to 400,000 amps per phase. All models are NEMA LS-1, UL-1449, CE approved and ANSI 62.41 compliant.

Truth of the Matter, MCG's widely respected 28 page, no-hype white paper is updated and offered on web.


3rd generation SurgeFree™ XT AC Power Line Protectors introduced. Models include 402XT, 202XT and 160MXT from 160,000 to 400,000 amps per phase. All models are NEMA LS-1, UL-1449, CE approved and ANSI 62.41 compliant. NEW 500 Series Rack Mount Protection added to Data Line Protection product line. Protects HUBs.

MCG China is opened in Feb. 2003.


Introduction of a New Line of AC Power Line Surge Protection planned for early fall, 2004.

Presentation of Dion Neri's (Chief Engineer, MCG Surge Protection) Paper, "Question Waveforms in SPD Testing Procedures: A Look at the 10/350us Waveform Under the Microscopes" at the ICLP Conference, Avignon, France, Nov. 2004.


MCG introduced the LS Series of AC Power Line Protectors. The UL-Listed units meet NEMA LS-1 and all other pertinent industry standards.

These uniquely-configured protectors offer the user miss and match options such as internal disconnect, surge even counter and audible alarm, allowing a custom unit at an off-the-shelf price.


MCG introduced The DCP-90 which is designed to protect DC powered equipment, such as inverters and charge controller used in photovoltaic systems, from damage caused by lightning. It utilized high energy 40kA metal oxide varistors and specialized fuses optimized to conduct transient current without opening. The unit is dual redundant and has status indicators on the front panel. Its small size makes it suitable for use in tight cabinets. Rated at 160kA, the unit protects all modes. The DCP-90 is available in various operating voltages so it can be customized to your application.


All MCG Products get the  UL 1449 2nd Edition Listing. Introduction of the AC Power Line - PT Series (PT250, PT160,PT120, PT80, PT40,  PT160D (Delta) and the  DLP-25 and DLP-25AMP Amplifier Series.


Our New 12 Page Data Line Catalog- Vol. 2 is now online with over 42 New Products for Data Line Surge Protection, including  Power over EthernetCategory 6RS422, RS423, RS485, RS232CCTVCable TV/SatelliteDIN Rail and 600 Series Rack Mount Surge Protection Line.


All MCG AC SPD are UL1449 3rd Edition Listed.

New Models include the AEP-12 & AEP-24 for Automotive Electronics Protection and the CB08 Space Efficient Crowbar Protection.


The New DLP 10/20/30 H and HH Series data line protectors.


Discontinued the XT Series in favor of the LS Series.


Introduced AC power line PT40/80-BB Series - a more affordable unit for rugged applications. 


Introduced 500 Series - a local panel, OEM AC protector.


Added five new International Distributors.


Obtained UL 4th Edition listing for AC products.