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Over 40 Years of Protection


The newly updated, iconic guide cuts through the hype and provides clear-cut explanations of the important principles regarding AC Power Line surge suppression. It does not promote specific products, but instead attemps to "de-mystify" specsmanship. CLICK HERE


For more than 40 years I have been designing and installing recording studios. Over time this has come to include high-end stereo systems, home theaters and in the past few years. "All Home" clean power systems.

Since the beginning of Ground One, I have searched for the best products to recommend to my clients and the best materials to be used in the products that I have developed.To consistently meet their high expectations, I only select the best possible components to build into my products. My goal is to manufacture the highest quality products in the world.

One of the products I developed for the maket was the "All In One" power distribution panel. It includes a "Narrow Band Width" isolation transformer alone with spike and surge suppression with filtering.

I have selected MCG Surge Protection to be the only vendor to be used in my products. They meet my high standards for performance, reliability, and customer service. No to mention their 20 year warranty.

Arthur S. Kelm
Ground One A/V Inc.

New DLP10/20/30 H & HH
Hybrid and Silicon Avalanche Diode (SAD) Only Models

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The Truth of the Matter

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