MCG 2018/19 AC Catalog


This current catalog features all the UL 4th Edition listed AC Protection Products.

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*New in 2015* MCG Data Line Protection Catalog

Data Line Protectors protect any part or all of an entire data network from lightning, transients and surges. All popular connectors including rack mount and NEW convenient DIN rail option. Includes Application Guide and Protection Overview Model Selection Guide. This current catalog also features Category 6, DIN Rail and Rack Mountable Data Line Protection.

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MCG Direct Current Surge Protection Catalog

This New catalog features Photovoltaic, Automotive Protection, Monitoring and Control Systems Protection and AC Power Protection.

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Abstract - Dr. Karl Berger was a Swiss researcher whose work on Mt. St. Salvatore rates him the title of “father of direct lightning research.” He documented his findings in an article published in ELECTRA magazine in 1975. Some 40 years later the IEC immortalized that work by characterizing it as the closest representation of the actual lightning flash and using it as the basis for the parameters of the 10/350 Class 1 test waveform adopted in IEC 62305-1 “Protection against lightning”. This paper examines the content of Berger’s ELECTRA article and the process by which info extracted from that article led to the formulation of the 10/350 test waveform. Five widely held assumptions about lightning parameters which have been inferred from Berger’s article are examined. When the data that underlie them are scrutinized, four of those five assumptions are found to be unsupported by fact. Finally the paper offers some expanded proposals for testing surge protective devices that rely on more than the exclusive use of a single testing wave form.

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Conflict-Free Mineral Usage Statement

MCG’s conflict mineral statement in compliance with the Dodd-Frank Act, Section 1502-4.

Surge Protection Solutions for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Learn how and why surge protection can save critical equipment in both your home and electric vehicle. 

The Inside Story-AC Power Line Protector
Look inside a typical MCG AC Power Line Protector. Picture calls out signature craftsmanship of design. Nothing in our products is hidden or buried in epoxy.

The Inside Story—Data Line Protector
Under the case of a typical Data Line Protector lies an array of Avalanche Diodes and heavy-duty gas tubes. To see what a protector designed to protect in extraordinary circumstances looks like.

This page describes the history and relevance of certifications/registrations pertinent to the TVSS community. Includes ISO 9001,C-UL US Listing MarkUL Recognized Component Mark, CE mark and NEMA LS-1 – 1992.

Independent Testing
MCG Surge Protection tests units to rigorous NEMA LS-1 Standards. What does this mean to you?

TVSS Standards
Describes national standards applicable to Transient Voltage Surge Suppression. Includes UL1449 2nd Ed Listed, including the requirements of Feb. 9, 2007, ANSI/IEEE C62.41, ANSI/IEEE C62.45 and NEMA LS-1.

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Engineering Specification Library
Quick links to specifications, data sheets, and installation instructions for all MCG Surge Protection products.

Patented Micro-Z Technology
Let-through voltage, which is what the sensitive downstream equipment sees, consists of cable drop + SPD (MOV) drop. MCG’s unique Micro-Z™ approach allows very low let-through voltage.

Twenty-Year Product Warranty
MCG Surge Protection’s Twenty-Year “No-Nonsense” warranty/lifetime on protection modules.