Surge Protection for CONTROL CABINETS

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Control panels are the brains of any process, no matter how large or how small. Control cabinets are the brains that run whole factories or a dedicated application in a remote location. Housing PLCs, power supplies, communication equipment, data loggers, sensors, you name it, they are critical to any process. These cabinets are assembled using many different components, usually mounted on DIN rails.  But often overlooked is surge protection which is needed to keep these critical controls operational. 

At what amounts to a small percentage of the cost of the entire system, surge protection can be retrofitted or added to the initial design and layout as an OEM component.This will give you piece of mind that these vital controls will be operational when you need them the most.

Control cabinets need reliable surge protection because they are vulnerable to surges, and are, quite often, exposed to surges. And disruption of their function can be costly.

These surges may be the result of nearby lightning strikes or utility switching surges. Because control cabinets have conductors entering or leaving them, these conductors bring the surge right into the cabinet, thus causing downtime and/or damage if not protected. Protectors installed within the cabinet divert the harmful surge currents away from the sensitive equipment, whether on the AC power lines or on the data/signal lines. This keeps the controls up and running.

Control Cabinets control:

  • VFDs in HVAC systems

  • The direction that a wind turbine generator's

  • nacelle points towards, and the pitch of its blades

  • Vital processes in factories

  • Recorded data from sensors and transmission of the data remotely

  • The operation of irrigation systems

  • The supervision of elevator functions

  • And more.

MCG Surge Protectors for Control Cabinets:

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