Options Available: Internal Disconnect • NEMA 1 Enclosure • Flush Mount Kit  •  Low Impedance Micro-Z cable  (click here for more info)

Options Available: Internal Disconnect • NEMA 1 Enclosure • Flush Mount Kit • Low Impedance Micro-Z cable (click here for more info)

Main Service Panel AC Power Line Protection
with Enhanced Power/Energy Metering

The 560LS Executive Series provides 560,000A of rugged surge protection at the main service panel along with new onboard, revenue-grade power and energy meter. Each phase is guarded by 14 redundant protection paths – reassuring when sensitive equipment’s continuous operation is at stake. Twenty-year, no-nonsense warranty (five-year warranty on power meter); free protection modules for life. Series features mix-and-match options for a customized protector at stock prices.


  • 560LS: I peak=560,000A/Phase (8 x 20μs waveform)
  • Revenue-grade power and energy meter
  • UL Listed 1449 4th Ed., NEMA LS1-1992
  • 14 times redundant protection paths per phase
  • Dual modules per phase and N-G
  • Employs new 40kA high headroom varistors with built-in high-speed thermal disconnect and dedicated cartridge fuse per surge path
  • Solid copper bus bar construction
  • Field-replaceable modules
  • EMI/RFI noise filtering
  • Continuously monitored protection circuits
  • Internal and external status indicators
  • Upgraded Front Panel with Surge Event Counter, beeper and status relay (1 form C contacts)
  • NEMA 1, Powder Coated Steel Enclosure

Download Link For Veris E50XX Metering Software


Popular Applications Include:

  • Monitor power and energy use of an entire facility or of a single piece of equipment.
  • Monitoring system voltage and current (up to 32,000A) as well as other parameters. 
  • Ensuring accuracy in utility billing and crediting by allowing users to compare kilowatt-hours.
  • Alerting users if a predetermined energy use or electrical parameter is outside of the user’s acceptable region.
  • Energy monitoring in building automation systems.
  • Energy Management – track where and when energy is used in an industrial plant or building.
  • Cost allocation (how much does a particular process or equipment cost to run?)
  • Industrial Monitoring – track usage of assembly lines or equipment/processes.
  • Commercial submetering.
  • Renewable energy – monitors power exported to grid from the renewable energy source and power imported from grid.

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